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What’s the core value of a genomics based diagnostic company?

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

A blog with no update is dead. I figured that I need to make it a habit to post thoughts in order to keep it alive. So, for today, before I get more time to elaborate more of my previous points about how to apply genomics and sequencing to the clinical world, let me post a question that I have been debating with myself these days.

To a biotech company, which mode works better:

  1. The company is based on a core technology. Markets are addressed by developing applications from the core technology;
  2. The company lives by its commercial set up, network and sales channels in a specific market. Applications are developed eitherbased on the company’s own technology or, more likely, by leveraging existing technologies that some other companies have developed.

One can, of course, find examples of companies living with either mode, or even a combination. There are pros and cons to both modes, apparently. Now, the real question is, for genomics based and clinically focused molecular diagnostic applications, what is the best choice? Strategy precedes tactics, and one should have a clear vision going into the business.

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