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Can we make medicine SIMPLE, eventually?

I watched the documentary of Steve Jobs today. I have to admit that even though I have never been an Apple fan, his story made me understood the reason why there are so many of them out there.

What really provoked me into thinking was his philosophy.

The first one is, as a marketing genius, he tossed the traditional mode of product development. As developers, we were taught to get customer requirements first, and to fulfill those requirements with our product design. What Jobs did was bypassing the whole user requirement phase: I know what you want even before you know it. I’ll make a product and you’ll fall in love with it because you’ll come to the realization that this has been what you’ve always wanted but didn’t know clearly what to request.

The second one is, his belief in branding is one word: trust. People have an almost blind trust in that everything that Apple makes is good, and they would buy simply because of that. At the same time, he made sure that Apple delivers to people’s expectation in the trust, and then some.

The third one is, his design ideas are concentrated into two: elegant, and simple. Elegant design makes the product appealing, and simple user experience lowers customer transition hurdle to zero.

I can’t help but to think: can we, in the biotech/biomedical field, make medicine SIMPLE? People have a natural fear for hospitals, for medicine, for doctors, for medical devices, everything. If we want our future medicine to be “participatory” as Lee Hood visioned, can we change people’s fear for our products? Can we, one day, make medicine simple and lovable?

He/She who can solve that may just be the next Jobs.

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